our true potentials are still unearthed….

“Unearthing your true potential is your spiritual right.”

I have always believed in the innate ability that man is endowed  with. the yearning mentality to know more, exploring beyond horizons to reach greater heights that all men aspire.”- Harold Owusu Amoo

Nature has never been biased. In life you always get what you are and not what you want. Who are you, what do you know, where are you, who knows you,how does your life influence others. I am not in the best position to answer this question. In fact no body does but you. Success has been defined by great philosophers as not how much wealth a  man amass to himself but how much he help and influence the lives of others. Yes this is why billionaires like Bill Gates and Donald Trump have set up numerous charity programs where they donate millions of dollars of their wealth to the less fortunate. That is the true meaning of success.


“The two most important days of your life is the day you were born and the day you knew why”

You must understand that life is passing by and each day you live, your actions and thoughts are creating a future for you. People are wasting their time through procrastination and other unhealthy habits giving the excuse of making things right tomorrow. However, they forget that today was yesterday’s tomorrow. Act now make the right choice for your life today. A choice that will ensure you reach your ultimate impact in life through hard work and………. to be continued.




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