Easily Offended People Are Retards


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Alvaro German Vilela / Shutterstock.com Alvaro German Vilela / Shutterstock.com

I was recently absent from school for a couple of months. When I got back, people asked me where I’d been. “The psychiatric ward,” I’d answer.


“Because I’m fucking nuts.”

This is an easy way of saying that I have a vast number of polysyllabic conditions that suggest I’m unstable. Saying that I’m fucking nuts is easier and less pretentious than listing off diagnoses. Simply saying that I went to the hospital because I’m nuts robs psychopathology of its credit, which is yet another reason to ignore the diagnoses and simply cut it down to “I’m crazy.”

Of course, this isn’t what the anti-ableist would say. Just as, “He isn’t black, he is a man who is black”—as if the use of the word “he” does not already explain that he is a man—someone is not supposed to say, “He’s crazy,” but rather, “He…

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