A seed of greatness

Just like every seedling has a tree in it. You also have untapped greatness within you. A little exercise of knowing yourself and what your true passion is all you need. Just like watering a seed a seed to grow into a tree. You have to also grow or develop yourself by learning to pursue your passion with enthusiasm each day. Reading more about what are passionate about, offering voluntary service, learning from mentors are but a few of the exercises you must perform to make your dream a reality.

Well, as it is always said, change the routine to change the habit. Once you learn to make this, it becomes a part of you to do what you enjoy doing without feeling uncomfortable. Learn a new habit in just 21 days because that is all it takes to actually learn a new behavior.

We all have greatness within us however sometimes it is up to somebody to tell us how much talents and gift we are blessed with. After this, can we have the confidence to truly pursue our passion because somebody also believes in us. Like an old friend told me how much of a good speaker he sees me in the future, I was amazed that someone else could see something in me that I hadn’t realized myself and this gave me so much confidence to pursue my goals in life by truly following my ambition. I began to see myself as if I already was that great speaker as my friend described. Haha… funny as it sounds yet this was a great exercise that kept me focused and optimistic about the future I wanted for myself. It was a psychic way of communicating with nature as if to agree on one common objective of what I wanted for my life.

The response has been amazing as nature has created the circumstance for me to love what I do and want by way of meeting the right people, meeting the right experiences. This has inspired me to understand who I am and what I am capable of doing in life. And it has helped to also influence and inspire others who come in contact with me.

We all have the responsibility of seeing greatness in other people and what their potentials are. For all you know that’s all they need to hear to change their life and way of thinking. I urge you to honestly tell others how much greatness you see in them. Study shows that people who are able to identify their true potential and purpose in life by finding their passion before age twenty go on to become extremely successful self-made billionaires before fifty years in life. To name but a few: Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, etc. are good examples of such people.


On the other side too, it takes an average person up to age 40 to know their true purpose in life. Hence, by the time they work diligently to pursue their passion, their age will far be gone and they will not be that young and active to enjoy their success. I don’t wish you to be part of this race, hence I will urge you to start today to work on what you have always believed and enjoyed doing since childhood. This is the only true purpose for which your life will make meaning and bring satisfaction to you. You will eventually realize that the happiest day in your life is the day you discovered why you were born.

Life begins to make sense and you eventually see the world differently see the world differently. So start today, change your life by changing your daily routine and make sure you help others do same. Start inspiring and not impressing others!!



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