Don’t learn books learn people

As living things we all crave for power and influence over others. In the animal kingdom for instance, the beast and strongest in the animal kingdom is the one who is able to capture the largest portion of territory and dominance. They go the extent of injuring and sometimes killing each other for power. A good example is the lion. Popularly called the ‘‘king of the jungle’’, the lion is feared by other animals in the jungle due to its resilience to fight and defend its territory.
The story however is different in the human world where law and order prevails. As humans, we crave for power and influence over men. We do all it takes to get the power we want. Unlike the animal kingdom, humans cannot bite or eat each other for power.
However, through dubious means like bribery, rigging, violence or corruption, we are able to get the power we want. Others use their cunning intelligence to win influence over others. So the question remains, why is it that in some companies subordinates turn to listen to the cleaner than listen to their boss. Why do some employees seem to have more influence and power than their boss in the working environment?
This is simple. The answer is, to exert or become powerful; you don’t need to be the most knowledgeable person to be the most revered. The secret is, in other to become powerful you must teach people not books. It takes people to promote or recommend people. It also takes people to condemn or criticize people. So now you must know that to become powerful it takes people to get you there not only you knowledge. So what must you do then to win the influence of men?
Well, the answers are all in one book that I will recommend for your reading. However, the most important way to influence people is learning how to maneuver or manipulate their emotions and thoughts. If you are good at this then you are 90% through. It didn’t take knowledge for people like Malcolm X to win and influence people. However whatever he said always affected the feelings, thoughts and emotions of others. Same as Prophet Elijah Mohammed, one of the most revered black civil rights activist. At a point in time, the black community saw him as a God and their true president. So how do such people become so powerful? Well the secret has just been revealed to you.
If you want to be powerful don’t learn books learn people by mastering the skill of manipulating and maneuvering their feelings and emotions in way that will be in your favour to attain the desired power you yearn for.
So what book do I recommend for you? The book, for me is the greatest book ever written on how to master the skill of winning power and influence. The title is “48 laws of power” and the author is Robert Green. The book highlights 48 principles one can use to win power and influence over people at any place. One of the laws that really got me thinking was that in life you should never reveal your true intention to men. Always learn to be in your calm and simple state. That way people take you for granted and irrelevant. They don’t consider you as a threat to plot any harm against you. Before they realize, you are at the top and there is little the can do about it.
So if you are the individual looking for power, well I hope this little secret will help shoot you up to that position you have always dreamed about. Learn people don’t learn books!!


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