Immorality on radio

Lately this issue has been bothering my mind and feel this is the right time I must say something about it. The kind of information the media is feeding us today is nothing to write home about especially considering the fact that majority of the listening audience is the youth. There is so much profanity and immorality on our airwaves today and it looks like nothing is being done by the authorities to regulate or maintain some sanity on our airwaves. All the media stations are victims but my research shows that the radio stations are the biggest culprits.

The problem
These days all I here on radio is the glorification of sexuality and manhood on most of our local radio stations. You here presenters discussing sexual issues not for the health benefit of listeners but to make fun of it and please themselves. Airtime needed to discuss critical social, economic and developmental issues are wasted on such irrelevant issues. This motivates the young men into believing that expressing their sexual desires is a sign of manhood and not a matter of big responsibility. This I believe a one cause of high teenage pregnancy in communities where the radio has a strong influence on the lifestyle of the people. It is wrong and it is time some of these stations face the punishments due them.
This can all be attributed to the non- existence of a censorship mechanism to maintain sanity on radio. I wonder if there are any standards, supervision, regulation or evaluation of these radio programs. Radio shows, adverts, music and jingles are all polluted promoting sex, alcoholism and indecency. Some radio stations host programs to promote alcoholic drinks on Sunday afternoon after church, others play advert of condoms with the sound of ongoing sexual activity live on radio during the day time. This is unacceptable and these radio stations must be sanctioned because their actions cannot be an excuse or a compromise for moral order. Its unprofessional and a shame to our media industry.

My concerns
The problem has been developing like a cancer over the years. I don’t know who is in charge of the monitoring of these radio stations but however it is, it is definitely not doing his or her job and must be prompted of fired. Its time our radio station and as a matter of fact all media houses understand that as gate keepers of information to society they work professionally and responsibly to maintain sanity and morality in society through the dissemination of quality information.
It is time we learn from countries like china, Korea and Russia, how the media’s information dissemination processes is strictly monitored and controlled. Sometimes I wish we had such kind firm leadership system in this country so that people will learn to control what to say, publish or play on the airwaves.


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