Learning with music

Learning had always been a problem for me, especially being able to sit for long hours to study with full concentration. However, I have learnt to integrate my passion for music with my studies since I got out of high school. Learning with music lately has improved my concentration level in my learning.
So what exact kind of music can we learn with?
A good question, I have learnt that there some genres of music that actually improves mental performance. There different genres of music such as hip-hop, jazz, relaxation music, soul music, etc. I don’t know about your taste for music but for me I have always enjoyed cool music like jazz, soul and country. Listening to such music, I am able to reflect more subconsciously about myself and my surrounding. But directing this energy to into my learning became a big challenge.
Its either I was lost in sing alongs or I find myself completely dosed off in the music. But I read somewhere that learning with music, the lyrics must be unfamiliar. This way you are not distracted into singing along. Another important revelation was that music that has a more up tempo, “happy” rhythm also makes mental concentration very difficult. So these were some of the revelations that helped me I in reorganizing my passion for music and directing it towards achieving higher learning results.
My studies and concentration levels improved after learning to integrate my passion for music with my passion for sitting and learning. The music that I use in learning is mostly country, jazz and soul music (both gospel and contemporary) and I have my favorite selected playlist that help me in my learning process.
Leaning with the right music improves mental performance and concentration. So if you are a fun of music and thinking of how to blend it with studies I hope this little info will help.
My favorite playlists recently have been the following:
Dave Coz – Dance Album Mix (Jazz)
Yanni live concert (orchestra)
The Corrs (unplugged live acoustic performance)
All these music can be downloaded on YouTube. Enjoy music, enjoy learning.


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